Saturday, July 2, 2011

I love laughing with my husband :)

So, this morning Remy and I had a brilliant idea! We have been meaning to get some bricks to put around our Indian Hawthornes that we bought to make them look prettier. They are in the front yard and at the moment they just look like little trees sticking out of the ground. Well our day starting off with this... 
This is an OLD truck that my parents keep on the property for moving things and such. So Remy and I walk up to where the bricks are (they are left overs from when my parents built their first house). Not a far walk, just up the property hill. My parents are in the process of making a bigger chicken yard so the truck is in the middle with posts around it. 

Mission: get the truck out of the posts without hitting anything. Sounds easy right? NOT! Have I mentioned it is a standard? And that it doesn't require a key to start it. We found this out too late. It actually has a start button. Seriously? Yes, a push button. As you can see the truck is not in the best condition.... PUSH BUTTON? Have I mentioned the brakes do not work? and..... it doesn't steer without a key in the ignition (that doesn't crank it? SERIOUSLY!!!)!!!!!!!! Okay... well we load the bricks in the back, now Remy has to get it out. 
Start truck- check, put in neutral- check (have I mentioned we are on a hill?) The truck starts rolling backwards, as I am yelling BRAKE!!! BAM, right into one of the poles, does it slow down? NO! Steering isn't working, I seriously thought Remy was going to jump out of the truck. Good thing we live on 12 acres with only family. Well he finally figured out how to steer... to brake? Oh, that's what the emergency brake is for. DIDN'T YOU KNOW THAT? Okay, now we are time to go UP hill... Finally after many times stalling out he finally arrived at the house. Notice he is parked in the middle of the yard not close to anything? He informed me that he didn't want to go near the trees or house in case he couldn't stop. Ha! I am so glad he is thoughtful. 

Our project ended on a great note and now all we can do is laugh. We have to fix the pole before mom and dad come home Monday. All they could do was laugh when I called. 

Here is our damage. oops :)

This is what we finished with though... with a lot of laughs included :)
Tree one :)

Tree Two :)

And palms three and four. These are actually palms that we used in our wedding, so now they are in our yard :)

Next project- SOD... Let the fun begin. 
For now, the truck will stay where it is until someone who knows how to drive it can move it. We are NOT trying again today :)

I don't think I have laughed as hard as I did today in a long time. Definitely a day to remember. 

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