Friday, October 28, 2011


I have been such a bad blogger! I have felt like I run all day at work and don't want to do anything else when I get home. It has been a little crazy lately with my Kinders.
Yesterday we went on our first field trip to the corn maze. We had a great time and got lost in the little area that we got to go in. Check out the website at . My husband and I are going to go tomorrow to do the whole 7 acre maze.
Today was Science Day/Country day at school. The kids were crazy, but we had a lot of fun doing different activities with our pumpkins. We weighed them, felt the inside of one, measured the circumference, experimented with them sinking or floating and decorated them. I will post pictures soon (they are on my moms camera) of our crazy, hectic fun day!
Tonight we are going to the Hay Maze with some friends Nicole and Brandon. We may possibly go bowling afterwards. We are pretty excited! A local school does a fundraiser every October and has a huge hay maze. Rem and I went in it last year and it was a great time! It may even be SPOOKY tonight. I do not like to be scared so we will see how it goes :)