Monday, July 11, 2011

Office MESS

Since we moved into our house, our office has been the junk room. Anytime we didn't know where to put something we just threw it in there. It was a huge mess. There was stuff everywhere. This weekend we bought a new desk and filing cabinet to go in the office. 
Remy's mission was to put everything together.
 My mission was to clean out the office and go through everything. What a job! 

Brace yourself for the before pictures... 

I told you it was bad!
Now for the good part. Remy was not impressed with how the pieces came together in the box. He had to put EVERYTHING together. He did a great job though :)

This is our new desk. As I can see from this picture we need to do something with all those cords. We haven't completely finished the office, but it looks WAY better!
This is the bookshelf that was by our desk before. We hung up our cross from "Cross your heart promise" and the picture my fabulous art teacher painted of my wedding flowers. Mr. Turtle says "hi". 
Here is another view of the desk... and all those wires.. Hmmm...

We still have to hang some pictures, buy a TV and a buy a pull out couch, but for now it looks so much better!

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