Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Crayon artwork....

As I was browsing on Pinterest, I came across a really awesome crayon project that I wanted to try to make to put in the classroom. You can find the original idea HERE . Needless to say mine did NOT turn out quite like that.

First we had to choose the colors and the order we wanted them in. We took out the black, brown, white, tan, pink and red violet crayons. We also used two packs of crayons.

I let the husband decide on where to put the colors and such. He is good at things like that.

I hot glued all the crayons down on a piece of canvas board. (color word side up)

 Then I put it in the sun. This picture is taken after being in the sun for 2 1/2 hours.

 Picture again at about 4 hours in the sun. Right after I took this picture one of the purple crayons slid out of the wrapper and down the board :(

I was over leaving it in the sun so I busted out the blow dryer. I put it on low heat and pointed it ONLY at the wrappers. The purple crayons went crazy and slid all over the place, but the rest looked pretty good. 
Here is the finished product...

 All but the purple looks good. 

Guess what I will be doing tomorrow?!?

That's right! Another one. Maybe this one will turn out better? I am going to leave it in the sun the entire day and let it melt naturally. The husband didn't like the previous one, so we will try again tomorrow. Thank goodness it's a cheap project.

Cost Breakdown for one project
2 packs of crayons- .25cents each= .50 cents
canvas boards $6.49 for 5= $1.30 each
I already had the hot glue, and the sun comes FREE in Florida! 

Let me know if you try to make one.

 I will post the project after I do the other one tomorrow. 


  1. What a great project! And don't be too bummed, I've had it happen to me that I start a project and nothing goes as planned. So I canned it. Luckily, pinterest has given me many new ideas to try and salvage what I've messed up! Happy crafting!

  2. Thanks! I love Pinterest! I shall try again tomorrow ;)

  3. weird that the purple has such a severe reaction... i want to try it but with just black and red

  4. Ha ha! You gotta watch that purple crayon. It's always the naughty one. What a cool project though, and FUN.

  5. Thanks. I tried it again today and the purple one did the same thing! The husband is trying again on Friday. Hopefully it will work this time!