Friday, August 12, 2011

Chicka Chicka Cowboy...

Over the summer I have been working on different center ideas. This cowboy center was an idea from our teacher assistant Mrs. Paula. I had fun making it, but ran out of laminate fast. I ordered some at the beginning of June and it has yet to arrive. :( 

 This is the container that it will all be stored in.

 This is one of the craft activities. They will use a paper plate, yarn for the hair, googly eyes, and a cowboy hat and bandanna pattern. All of these supplies are kept in the box so that they all stay together. 

 This is a game where the children roll dice and cover the circles with how many they roll. I purchased the clear transparency colored markers for them to cover the circles with.

 These are some of the fun activities I found on I absolutely LOVE that website. 

 This is a game where they have to figure out the answer on their beans and put it in the correct corral. Sounds easy huh? Did I mention they can't use their hands? I have purchased straws from the Dollar Tree for them to use to complete this activity

 These were also found on They will use clothespins to mark the correct answer. 

This is  a cute horse addition idea. They have to find the two clothespins that equal the number on the horse. Once they find the correct numbers they clip them on to make legs. 

Now for some Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!

 This is the container I will store it all in.

 I found a TON of this in my room that someone had left. I couldn't figure out what to do with it. A lady that was in my cake decorating class teacher KG as well (she is retiring after this year) and she brought me some items to have. Some of the items were Chicka Chicka Boom Boom related. 

This is one of the crafts she did in her class (sorry it's crooked). So I decided to cut out the trunk and the leaved from the border I had.

Here are the leaves.

 Here are the trunks.

 This is another activity from 

 This activity they will use dry erase markers to write the beginning letter of the picture. 

 Some other cute crafts. The one on the right will be perfect for teacher trapezoids!

This is some of the pages I pulled from

I still have a lot to do before returning to school on Monday. We have a week of pre planning and then the kids will arrive the following Monday. 

Now to go finish staining the cubbies. Be on the look out for these!

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