Friday, August 12, 2011

Acts of Kindness

Today my grandmother and I went to a fabric store to purchase some heavy duty upholstery to make chair covers for my kiddos. The place we went to is closing (the couple that owns it is retiring) so all their upholstery was $2.00 a yard. My mom made me some chair pockets last year, but they fell apart because the fabric was too thin. This year mom wanted to buy the thicker stuff in hopes that it will make it more than one year. We get there and there wasn't much to choose from. I found a blue pattern that I liked and it ended up being only 7 1/2 yards. We thought we needed around 10 yards. I found another one that I liked as well and had the man cut me off 10 yards. We figured since it was so cheap we could buy more for next time they needed to be made.
 The whole time I was talking to the couple about teaching, they asked what grade I taught, how long I had been teaching, what I was going to use the fabric for etc. Basic talk, nothing special.
When he had finished he said he would put it in the car. I stayed behind with his wife and asked how much. She said nothing. I was confused and asked again. She said "I know it will be put to good use". I was so happy I gave her a huge hug and almost cried right there. I walked outside and gave her husband a hug and told him how grateful I was. All he said was "I can't thank my kindergarten teacher". It's amazing how nice some people are. I am extremely grateful for this sweet couple.

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