Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to School

I started back to school on Monday. In our county we have a week to get ready until the kids come. The kiddos will start on Monday. My room is finished as of today! Yay! I just have to work on lesson plans. We have orientation tomorrow night, so I am excited to meet the kids. I took a few pictures of my room (with my phone so they aren't the best). I will take better pictures tomorrow.

This is my listening center area. The colorful desk was given to me last summer and my husband and I redid it to make it colorful and into a listening center. You can see the original one HERE!
The container on top is my pointers for the kids to use when they "read around the room". To the right is my blender of blends. I found the original on Tales of a Teacherista!

Close up of my cute shelf that was given to me. 

This is in my reading area. These two cute chairs were given to me when I first started teaching.

My super cute behavior tree my mom made me. The kids will "climb" the tree with their gorilla to get treasure box. Each day they are on green they will move up the tree. After 5 greens they get treasure box!
The board on the right is my calendar and Question of the Day graph that we use daily.

This is pretty hard to visualize just looking at it. This will house pictures for the kids reading and math centers. The zebra, lion, gorilla and giraffe on the left will be the different groups. When I know which group the kids will be in I will write their names on it. I will velcro the picture of the centers each group will go to so they know without asking. I will take a picture of it in use once school starts :)

My Chicka Chicka Boom Boom board my mom made. It is pretty hard to see. It says "Chicka Chicka Boom Book Look Who's in our Room". The letters going down the tree have each kids name on them. I cut out the beginning letter of their name and wrote the rest on the letter. 

This is my reading small group table. My mom purchased the green entertainment center from a local thrift store for $20.00. We painted it green and put in a shelf to house my reading materials. I love it!

This is the view from my room standing next to my reading table. I am very excited with the way my room turned out. As I am looking at these pictures I see many things I forgot to take picture of. Cubbies, word wall, whole group reading area, Etc. Those will come later :)

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