Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer To Do LIST

I am sure this will be added to, but the list is already pretty long...

1. organize shelves behind my desk
2. organize counters and games
3. organize cabinets (when I started people were very generous and gave me A LOT of stuff. I have had NO time to go through it and see what would be beneficial... this HAS to be done this summer!)
4. organize room (can you tell I need to organize?!?)
5. go through books
6. pressure wash mat (I have had it since I started and it needs to be cleaned... BAD!)
7. Re-do bulletin boards in room
8. hang class pictures
9. Buy MRS GODWIN letters and paint them to go outside my room (letters have been bought!)
10. make gorilla cut out of wood to go outside room
11. Make cubbies for my classroom. We only have hooks and they are too tall, and too close together and just a mess! I NEED CUBBIES!

This is all for now.. It will be added to for sure :)

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