Saturday, June 25, 2011

So good your husband will even eat it!

Today Remy and I went grocery shopping at Walmart. I have started Weight Watchers again so we were figuring up all the points as we shopped. I'm sure we looked funny.
 Well I have grown to like rice cakes. The only ones I have ever had are the cheesy ones that are in chip form. I have never tried any others. I saw the big chocolate ones and they looked yummy. They also had a recipe on the back and I wanted to try it. 
Let me tell you! It was delicious!

One chocolate rice cake- 2 points
2 TBSP fat free cool whip- 0 points
1/4 serving light chocolate syrup- 0 points
strawberries-0 points

It was so delicious! Remy even ate 2 of them before I could even eat 1! Of course, when you have more than one it adds on the points, but it is a definite must try! The next one we will try will be pizza on the cheese rice cake! I never thought I would be blogging about how good a rice cake is..... ha ha

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