Friday, June 24, 2011

Fly swatters and flowers...

I know you are thinking I am crazy from the title, but I promise I am not!
I have been trying to think of creative and cute ways for the kids to enjoy "reading around the room" or "writing around the room" during center time.
This is a cute idea I came up with. All the materials I needed were fly swatters, ribbon, flowers, hot glue gun and a container.
These are my materials...
I glued to ribbon around the metal part of the fly swatter and I glued a flower to the plastic part.

This is what I came up with! They turned out super cute!

For the container I bought a cheap cereal dispenser from Walmart and only used the bottom part. I decorated the top part with flowers so it looks cuter. 

TA-DA! A cute storage container for them. The kids will love to use these as pointers when they read around the room :)
I am very excited about them, and I think they will be too!

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