Thursday, June 23, 2011

Popcorn Math!

Have I mentioned that I love my school? Everyone is great and we are like a family. We are blessed with talented and creative people. One of those people is Paula Dees. She comes up with the best centers and is always willing to share. This is one of her ideas that I made. I do believe mine is a little "cheesier" :)

This is called Popcorn Math. It is a game to help the children with addition or subtraction. I got the popcorn containers from the dollar section of Target for $1.00 each (I bought 8). The container that is holding them is a drink container from a local grocery stores deli. I went online and printed out the clip art and laminated it with my new laminator :)

The "popcorn" is actually cotton balls that have been painted to have the popcorn look. Mine is cheesier than Mrs. Paula's because I had the kids in my class do it, and they got a LITTLE carried away with the orange paint. But hey, I just have CHEESY popcorn :)
They use the popcorn to count out their problems.
The problems are on tickets. I have different color tickets for different color groups so they don't get mixed up or fight over them. On mine, I put addition and subtraction problems.

This is the first project I have completed for math this summer. Mrs. Paula is giving me some more ideas and I will make those as well. I have also been researching and thinking of other centers. Isn't it great to have fabulous and creative people at work who are willing to share ideas?

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