Friday, June 17, 2011

Science Pictures...

I know you have all been DYING to see what I did and got for FREE at my workshop :)
First off, if you can ever go to a workshop given by Learners Advantage, DO IT! The lady who gave the workshop (for K-2) was Heather Cloud and she was AMAZING! It was the best workshop I have ever attended. She kept us busy and it was A LOT of fun!

Now to the good stuff... (all credit goes to Learners Advantage and Heather Cloud)

This is precious! A fun way to teach the 5 senses! Googly eyes (see), marshmallow for nose (smell), bells for ears (hear), Twizzlers for mouth (taste), and sand paper for hands (feel)
It was really cute and would be a great item to add to 5 senses. The kids could also decorate it with hair.

Moon Sand!
Just add sand, cornstarch and water! You can also add glitter and food coloring to make it fun!

Animal activities
One Tiny Turtle is a precious book! We read this book and then did different activities. one of the activities was the frog cycle. I loved this one! Although I didn't finish yet because I cannot draw a frog! The eggs are actually bubble wrap. That was my favorite part!

Plant Activities
Time For Kids are great books. The pictures are AMAZING.
 We also made a cute plant life cycle wheel and my favorite is the flower! The flower itself is made out of an egg carton, stem, leaves and roots are made out of pipe cleaners. This was a very fun and simple activity. A way to expand on the activity would be to have the kids label all the parts using actual labels. Love this!

 Some more cool books (Day Light, Night Light, The Popcorn Book and Push and Pull), a flashlight and a thermometer. We did a neat experiment with a cup of water with a thermometer in it and flashlights around it. We had to see if light heated water and keep track of the temperature every 10 minutes. This would be a great activity to do outside in natural sunlight as well (it was raining and we were unable to do it outside).

A fun tic-tac-toe game (bad picture) 

Magnifying glasses and sorting rings. 

I had an amazing time and it was definitely worth it. Next year I want to try to go to the Math workshop like this. I heard it was a lot of fun as well. 

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